We are proud to offer Seven Coffee Roasters as our exclusive Roaster - a boutique roaster located here in Seattle, using high quality coffee , Organic, Fairly Traded and blended to perfection for some of the best Espresso in town!  Also offering whole bean coffees in 12oz bags, single origins and Hawaiian blends available.

We also serve loose-leaf tea and have 12oz pots for service while working at the 'Sauce - free water refills as much as you like!  We have about 15 varieties from Rishi Teas, a world renowned organic tea company, specializing in the teas from China.  We carry 4 kinds of Black, 4 Greens, and several Herbal teas, as well as Rooibos, Oolong, Assam and Mint.

Our Hot Cocoa varieties are awesome in this wintry season!  Try our British Cocoa for a flavor that is unique and delicious.  We also do a fiery cocoa with our Hellfire Cocoa Blend.

If you're feeling under the weather, stop in for our OJ Remedy - it's a hot Orange Juice Toddy mixed with sweet spiced syrups and served with a dash of extra cinnamon on top - feels good on a sore throat, and is a nice option to Apple Cider (which we also have!)

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